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West Indies tour of India is a spin army for all seasons

West Indies tour of India is a spin army for all seasons

Seven different spindles will participate in the tour of West Indies: Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadiga and Kuldeep Yadav for five-day mantras; Jadeja, Yadav, Chahal for more than 50 years, Jadeja, Washington Sunder, Krunal Pandya.

Rahul Chahar for T20Is Although Electors work on coordination, not necessarily strict classification, here the big story thread is the property of bowling in India, there is a huge variety in their disposal, each of which distributes a unique set of specialized skills.

It is difficult to think of many types of multi-skilled spinners in the sparkling bowling tradition in the country. All types are: classics, modernist, mysterious and unorthodox. A single elusive output is the rotor rotor.

Noteworthy, even under the broadest species signals are different.

For example, the T20I group, Chahar was chosen for the T20I series in the Caribbean, not because the latter size has declined, but because Chahar forced critics to continue their superiority.

They are both basic gauges, essentially there are variations of the same type, leg fracture, googly and wings.

But both are remarkably different; Chahar gets a faster and more smooth job, but is less slow in the air compared to stroll. It also does not remove the sputum as a scab. He started his greedy activity like Abdelkadar, but without his great prosperity in his release.

They have extraordinary control over the ball, a fact which was supported by the spectacular IPL last year.

Those who focused on more than two, their economy was 6.55. Between his colleagues in Indian Mumbai, he earned second best average (23.69) after Gaspit Bumera (21).

There is nothing worth appreciating about the skill of taking part in the T20 cricket game in conjunction with saving.

He slipped into 125 points, eight points on the table, the very impressive for the first time in 19 years of IPL. Both can be mutually-throttled run rate can automatically buy wikis – but it is one of the most valuable institutions in smaller versions.

Indian coach Mumbai woman Jeevardan who has influenced her is the desire of the various positions.

“You throw him at any time of the game, and he saves it, whether it is important to include or select the snip, he saves, he can open bowling, pot in the game, moderate amounts and death. ”

Similar is still differentiated

Similarly, Gazali’s left hand chronicles and jadga are similar and different. Both are accomplished in men stomping, both can be freewheel, and both are very beautiful areas. But unlike their bowling, the opposite breeds are blooming.

As part of his experimental cricket boom, Jadeja added more accuracy to his craft. It can easily change speed, flight angle and length, and both can buy rotation and over-rotation in the sideways.

Crunal is limited in this way, but can strike continuously at the same place. Small travel, a little turn, a little change, full shipment, flat and fast on the right snake trunk. The article is limited to the left hand, but incredibly difficult to lift for six.

It hardly gives length to sweat or cut, and hardly allows striking men to take it. Speed ​​means it is difficult to go against it or withdraw those amazing invasions.

The untouchable sander of Washington brings a different set of skills. Right hand crunal Pandya, is a replica if you can. Like the latter, the list of their performances is not standing with the secret balls or dosas.

He flows hard with his virtual operation methods, does not mess with his lines or powers his length or vessels in exactly the same way as he does at the time of death, and his delivery completely in the trunks Does it

But more importantly, he knows what is really happening, a series of maturity that is related to his age. He is not yet 20 years old, but he is very clear about what he is expected to do.

“When an outside player is bowling, then as an officer knows that most deliveries will reach about 100 km / h, sometimes it is important to fool the racket player, and it is important to make sure that the ball is correct So when you try, you should be absolutely sure about your ability to do it, that is what I am trying to do, and do the same. Is.

In India, there is a group of talented and talented spinners, who can be selected by the form, form, country, situation, opposition and land variables.

This is not a restricted rating – for example, the character of Kuldeep and Jadeja is prominent in all three editions.

Chahal and Chahal will not be prevented from entering the Tests in the future if they continue to collect stake in A-round and Ranji Games, then Sunder has already made his ODI debut.

Yujwendra Chahal’s fascinating journey, full of twists and turns

Yujwendra Chahal's fascinating journey, full of twists and turns

Yozfindra Shahl was crying in a hotel room in Zimbabwe. It was in June 2016. She just started seeing, picked up a last written piece and was browsing YouTube when she got a TV interview with her parents.

Surprisingly, he saw his parents crying – tears of joy that his son was playing for India. His mother, Savita, got up at 4 o’clock and when we used to sit in the temple in a small temple in his balcony, he prayed for his son.

When the game started in the evening, I was very worried because his son was not around. Return to the temple In the end, the moment of the release of medicine came at the tenth and in the father’s mind was retreating from the previous years.

Krishna Kumar Shahal was the youngest of three children worried about his son. The common fears of small town for a middle class family are mixed with the fear that his son may be affected by bad elements in the neighborhood.

This word has been lost in the translation for some melon colors change.

But it is enough to say that he was worried that the company of the Belgaum children in the neighborhood could become obstacles in his son’s life.

KK Chahal is an advocate who is working in Magistrates’ Court, about one and a half hours from Rohtak, a small district of Jind in Haryana. In matters of marital affairs, forgery and fraud on bank loans – the world that was dealing with those small crimes, was more worried about their son.

“These boys are the ones who abuse their mothers and I did not want my son to be affected.” He first changed the school to DAV, then reached the idea of ​​presenting the game of chess as a practice to build his son.

The family of five lived in a room, due to the father’s stubbornness and principles. “I was a different man, I was married in accordance with my family’s wishes, but I did not want to take dowry or any money from anyone, so that the family got some misunderstanding and went inside.”

My grandfather was a man in the army. And in his brother-in-law as a dean, the emotional screams of war can be shown to resolve the differences with Shah’s Pakistan. More later, for chess back.

A chessboard was bought and the father knew the game for his son. “Hope to be interested, and believe, and will not spend hours on the streets with these friends.

“Whom did you love to defeat sin?” But in a few months the father started losing the real. The son had been addicted to drugs and life began to rotate.

Since this is not the story of chess player Yujwendra, we need to move forward for that moment, which ended for him.

That day came after representing India in chess tournament. The days were good but the nights were not there. 64 classes of nightmares. In his sleep, Yugavendra found himself stuck in the fuzzy game board and sweat in the tricks.

“I could not ignore it,” says Yozfindra. “It was always going on in my head, all the hours I was playing and thinking was affecting me.” When the nightlife became black and white.

The father laughed smiling, saying: “I used to play chess only for myself, I always knew and knew that there would be a time when he would have told me to walk in.

Eventually, I named him the cricketer Yazofinder Singh Gave me seven catches in a Test match, I changed the name a bit, but it was a cricket player, that’s why. “And that’s why life changed again.

He stayed for several months With the help of chess guild Himanshu Sharma in Rohtak, he travels alone all over the country (sometimes his father was resting from work and traveling with him – a three month journey in south India is in his memory ).

Have you seen the ball received by Peter Handscomb lbw in Australia? Calm your dead lbw in front of the middle trunk. This flow is normal for me.

Especially with the new ball. But I pushed that particular ball a little further, I modified it, though the seam was still normal and got it. ”

Then there is a front scroll bar that runs for a little camouflage – instead he can use a similar grip to spin the ball to run a bit on odd occasions so that the integrity of the rack can be maintained.

Hema Das plays applause in the race of gold, but the real exam is still waiting

Hema Das plays applause in the race of gold, but the real exam is still waiting

Hema Das received the same attention, if not more, like this year’s Indian cricketers, because the runner won the gold medal in various competitions.

The floods of tweets and media reports focused on Indian sports have been updated and they are also positive for the game.

But these competitions should be kept in the context of importance or value or level of difficulty, when the objective is to help them in the preparation and progress of big events such as the World Athletics Championships and next year’s Olympics.

Hema, who won the Under-20 World Championship last year, won the fifth gold medal of the month on Saturday when she returned to the 400 meters race in the Czech Republic.

It was 52.09 seconds, it was the best weather for Lahima, which was ahead of last 52.88 seconds, which was recorded in Patiala earlier this year.

From the Indian Army to Bollywood stars to Prime Minister Narendra Moody, Hema’s feeding filled the water on Twitter, which was rated as “Golden Girl” in India and India’s next possible Olympic medal. But more than meets the eye.

Many people do not know that on Saturday the women’s 400 meter race was a race all over India, where all other athletes took more than 54 seconds to cross the finish line.

real picture

Equally important for celebrating achievements, it is equally important that not to lose perspective by falling into the social communication game.

The 19-year-old won 23.65 seconds, 23.97 in Poland, 23.43 in the Czech Republic and 200 meters in 23.25 seconds, winning four consecutive events.

Its 23.25 seconds, the best performance in four, was the world’s 128th fastest year round on July 22. Yes, I have read it right! 128!

Two years ago, the Under-17 Indian football team had overtaken the bottom of the Italian league, but the Indian media got headlines – “The 17-year-old Indian team defeated Italy.

The team India won did not have an under-17 team in Italy, but in fact Italy’s Lega Pro Under-17, Liga Pro and Liga Pro 2, a team of young players of clubs, third in Italian football and fourth.

Hema’s gold medal could be kept in Poland and the Czech Republic last month, where she was won in the competition, in the same category.

None of the 20 athletes competing with them in this period have any better character than Hema’s data last year.

road ahead

Hema’s immediate goal is to qualify for the World Championships, which is scheduled to take place in September, and there is a series of gold performances earlier this month for this competition.

Qualifying score is 400 meters, and Hema’s strength is 51.80 seconds (52.09 in Czech Republic).

The 19-year-old will have another chance to qualify for the top championship in Lucknow at the end of August.

In the meantime, 24-year-old Indian sprinter Mohammad Anas Yahiya finished 400 meters in 45.21 seconds to reach the world championship, which also established a new national record in the men’s section.

Hema still needs to qualify for the World Championship, and from there she is working hard to get a Tokyo Olympic ticket to get her status as one of the world’s best athletes.

In relation to Hema’s personal performance, her best career in the 200 m race is 23.10 seconds.

The best time to sleep according to the distance is 23.25. 200 m world championship qualifier 23.02 and championship number 21.63. The world record and Olympic record is 21.34, while the time of winning the Rio Olympics in 2016 was 21.78.

On the contrary, the 400 events are equally strong. He managed to get his best time in Nov. Mesto in the 52.09 second season, which is slower than his best personal time of the year, 50.79 (Asian Games).

The qualifying mark for the world championship is 51.80 and the mark is 47.64. At 49.44, Shōnai Millar won the gold medal in the competition at the Rio Olympics.

At the individual level, Hema is definitely promoting young athlete.

Then again, the athlete’s mind will get a better boost when he knows that the glow around the neck comes with the support of strong performance on the track or field and not because the competition was below the necessary level.

The 19-year-old Hema is at a critical juncture in her career. She was the World Junior Champion last year, and she will now have to make a big leap from age group to higher standards. This jump can only be achieved through regular exposure and molding.

The fact that he is marginalized by injuries during the best part of his season and has only started in the competition and trying to improve mid-season is a proof of serious mismanagement of our athletes through the governing system of the game.

Drops, drops and Yuveswendra Chahal to drop 3D

Drops, drops and Yuveswendra Chahal to drop 3D

Veteran legend Yuswandra Shahal, who was disappointed with Van Der Dussen, was handed over to India at the Trent Bridge Stadium in South Africa directly from the Shin Warren Cheating Guide.

The trick started with his readiness. In general, spinners extend a wide range of wrinkles against right-handed bookmakers to buy exaggerated twists.

But Shahl settled in his trunks nearby, giving the impression that he was planning a googly or slider game.

The racquet man van der Dussen was struggling to read it with his own hands. Therefore, he decided to use reverse sweep. The initial path of the ball indicated that it could fall further than the midfield in front of the heel.

Then he got frozen The ball continued in the nostril, like a loose foot crusher, Unice Tendon in slow motion.

The confused van der Dussen’s eyes can not be left except for the mark because it sinks some centimeters from where it was expected. There was no place waving, because he was already committed to firing.

The ball which hit the ball in the foreign country went to his feet and then started going on the middle leg. For those extra rounds, additional drives and two drives which made the ball flow very fast.

High treason

The interesting thing is that the removal of the shawl of South Africa’s leader Faf du Plessis was due to lack of flow.

Before he comes out, D Plessis Chinnaman has got Colldeep Yadav out. But he did not take advantage of any opportunity against Leggie who betrayed his teammate with a brilliant move. He felt that he had decided to leave Shahl.

He was probably thinking a lot about the deviation of Shahahal. With an uncertain mind, an unconfirmed stroke appeared, half defensive deflection, wrinkled his feet.

She was just waiting for a slow roller coaster, only Shahall estimated again and slipped faster (three kilometer per hour), a more compact slide, which was delayed by D. Pletes’s reading. The ball will leak from the gap between the bat and the pad.

Unlike regular skidding, he can sometimes buy some internal rotation, which can confuse the batsman, the skier is usually tilted for the angle.

Not only the speed, he was suddenly cheated by landing – this time the ball was flowing hard, because it did not give the ball a lot of breaks.

D Plessis was expected to use fuller, but he dropped a few yards in front of him. Twin Strike in 20 was trying to unite South Africa.

Leave the devil

David Miller learns from the mistakes of his teammates. He had not guessed and did not try anything. With a click here, a fork, he was trying to chime out Jiro, besides reading his various forms, especially the googly.

But this time he could not measure the drift and fall. He thought that he is close to his body and is very much full. But delivery, again hard knitting kept away the deviation.

However, he thought that he could cover the line and reach the pitch, but he dropped a few inches away from him, he was rebounding more than the anticipated, and could only turn the ball towards the whim. Felukwevio Andil was being tricked again.

The latter came out with a fair amount of punishment against Shahl, but this time the ball was slow, and it was the slowest delivery of the wicket.

The fall that occurs in it is often underestimated because it does not throttle the ball as much as much spinner does.

When the ball is shown from the side, it does not show an elegant, bulging arch. It is relatively flat in the track. Then, lie here is shahal.

Southampton, June 6 (PTI) Yogwindra Shahal has given credit for his days as a chess player to give tennis player and captain Virhat Kohli the steps.

Shahal made his first impressive performance in the World Cup against South Africa, in which he scored 4 points from 51 in India’s six goals.

Chess taught me patience and planning. When playing chess, you usually plan for 15 to 16 steps. In the case of players like Faf (Du Plessis), you need to plan whether you will reach Google or Final, which delivery they choose and which they can not choose. ”

He mentioned the expulsion of Faf du Plessis, which he had planned after analyzing the approach of South African leader.

He gave his first appearance in his first year at Bangalore’s Royal Challengers Club, after which most of them got hot in the east of Mumbai Indians.

“He is a footballer, who will never say to bowl regardless of the conditions in the game,” his captain praised him after the South Africa match.

She is ready to play powerplay. If you hold seven fields inside the circle, then you are ready.

Khashaba Jadhav forgot the story of India’s first individual Olympic medalist

Khashaba Jadhav forgot the story of India's first individual Olympic medalist

If someone wrote a legend which was not written, would it start like this.

The year was 1948. Raja Ram College, Kolhapur, a small student of a village near the sports teacher, said that he wanted to compete in wrestling in the annual sports meeting.

Take a look at his body and adopt the teacher by saying that he can not allow a weak player in the team.

The 23-year-old man reached the college’s director, who gave him another chance. It was just the occasion that Dadasaheb Jadaf needed to prove the mistake of the rejecters. In the post-game game, the biggest and strongest wrestler fell to win this event.

Or will it start a game in Lucknow in 1952, which will be between the FlyingWet Champion and the marginal lean competitor? Niranjan Das of Bengal had a length of 6 feet, muscle and strength.

On going into the game, Jadhav was about 5.5 feet, and was clearly subdued. But within seconds, the slave was on the ground. Stunned, Das argued that he was not ready for the match and asked to return the game. It is lost again.

It was a one-time wrestling competition, as he had played recently, between Sushil Kumar, Olympic medal winner and Narasimha Yadav.

Despite defeating Das, Jadhav found that he was ignored in the 1952 Olympic lineup. He wrote to Maharaja Patiala, who was the guardian of wrestling, and had a saying in the choice.

The Maharaja persuaded the authorities to make them fit again. For the third time, Jadhav defeated Das and qualified for the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.

The 27-year-old player kept making history, becoming the first Indian to win an Olympic (Bronze) medal in a single game.

(India won the team for the first time under the leadership of Palper Singh in the 1948 London Summer Olympics).

Although in the later years many Indians did not receive Olympic glory, but Jadaf’s story was faded with our athletic consciousness.

But it is still alive in Kolhapur, where, along with the god of the game Hanuman, a framed picture of Jadhav will be found.

Vishnu Goshilkar, former wrestling winner and winner of the Maharashtra Kumari tournament, started in 1991, says, “To date, in each student, teachers tell stories of their students about a platform to inspire them, and show that one How the winner is made. ”

In Goleshwar, five rings in a building in a public square tell you about the rights to brag the Olympic in the village. It is the birthplace of Garhv, which was born in January 1926. His house, where his son Ranjeet, a farmer and his family are called today, the residence of the Olympics.

The home living room is full of medals, medals and souvenirs. A major picture of Jadaf standing on the podium at the 1952 Olympic Awards ceremony is most special.

Dadhav’s father, Dadashev, was also a wrestler when he introduced the boy to the game at the age of five. Though he encouraged all his five sons to fight wrestling, but he looked at the spark of his third son.

Wrestling spells were common in village fairs, making sure that the boy learned early in front of Deng. Seldom a small board lost a game.

Dada Saheb started his training for brother-in-law early in Gulehwar.

Ranjit said, “After his primary education, he enrolled at Tilak Secondary School in Karad, about 5 km from our village, due to lack of transport, he was going to school.” “He lost some years, but studied until graduation, which was rare for wrestlers,” his son says.

Ranjit remembers his father as a gentleman, when he was provoked, he did not even lose. In 1948, during the state wrestling tournament in which Jadhav was a rival, the organizers announced that there was a prize of Rs 1, but he rejected the challenge.

“Other players were insulted and withdrawn, but they remained … I was provoked against a major Mumbai racket of Rakshi.

Indoor Encoder, where Jadhav accelerates wrestling skills in Goleshwar, is contained in chaos.

The windows are broken into a room’s building and the dust and cobweb breathes air. The land has been bypassed by the garbage. Between the brotherhood, the velvet pillar still stands, as reminds of lost time.

Although the generation which saw Jadhaf, his quest for his glory continues, that village is still inhabited in the memories of his heroes.

Though Jadhav’s 99 years old Jadhav’s memory may be lost for a long time, his childhood friend’s name brings a glow in his eyes and a smell on his wrinkled face. “We will vyayam simultaneously (exercise) twice a day for four hours together.