Can’t stop China in disputed seas, won’t risk clash

Can’t stop China in disputed seas, won’t risk clash

Philippine President Rodrigo Dattati said on Monday that there is no way to stop Chinese fishing in his country’s exclusive economic zone and he will not risk losing the Philippine troops in a clash in the disputed South China Sea.

“When Shi says” I’ll catch, “who can stop him?” Dutari, who defended his unrestrained attitude towards the regional conflicts of China, said in his nation’s annual address before a joint Congress session. He was referring to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“If Marines send out Chinese fishermen, then I assure you that none of them will return alive,” Dutter said, diplomatic negotiations with Beijing had allowed the return of Filipino to the disputed fishing field. , Where Chinese soldiers were previously annoyed. They are away

Critics repeatedly nurtured cordial relations with Beijing, not to face China’s aggressive behavior in disputed waters and to make their decision not to imitate the immediate compliance with China’s international arbitration that overturned Beijing’s historical claims.

Dutty has repeatedly criticized doing so. China refused to recognize the 2016 law.

It was also found in the judgment that China violated its duty in respect to the right to fishing Filipino when the Chinese soldiers had stopped Scarborough Shawl from North-Western Philippines in 2012.

However, the Philippines was unable to stop Chinese fishermen from Scarborough. Rule But the decision did not specify any traditional fishing area within the exclusive area of ​​the Philippines, where Chinese fishing can be allowed.

The Exclusive Economic Zone is two hundred nautical miles (370 km), where the coastal state has the exclusive right to exploit and exploit other resources based on the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Sea of ​​the Sea, as well as the offshore gas and oil.

In his fight against drugs and illegal corruption, Dotter asked the Congress to restore the death penalty for narcotics-related crimes and economic loot.

He said that the threat of drugs, which he called “social monster,” can not be crushed until the corruption is eliminated.

Regional differences of the Philippines have long been exposed in China’s Dirort Central campaign against illegal drugs and corruption in their speech.

But they demanded to delay the release of government permits for slow internet services and various traffic jams, to help the Congress in tackling many social diseases and governance issues.

After threatening to sack the officials, Duther explained the problems solved sometimes, through a strategy to scare, such as reducing water shortage in Manila in the capital last summer.

However, the annual discourse is traditionally full of protocols and formalities, but it includes sexual jokes, curses, and threats, which has been a trademark of their often contained speeches.

For example, during the water crisis in Manila, he said that he did not want to travel to the city. “What if my friend can not take a bath, will the smell of hell smell?” They said.

When the Congress was asked to approve new tax reforms, which would increase indirect taxes on tobacco and alcohol, Duretti asked whether there were any smokers in the presence.

The 74-year duo took over in June 2016 and were very popular in the opinion polls due to the international concern and other controversial policies during the drug war.

More allies won congressional seats in the mid-term elections in May, which gave them a tight hold on the legislature, especially in the 24-member Senate, who opposed some of the major legislative proposals last year, including the death penalty and amendment Were included. Supporter. Constitution of democracy

Despite the rain outside the house building for demand for the dismissal of Duterte, more than 5,200 demonstrators performed, while Duterte’s supporters protested separately.

Leftist protesters burnt the fake Chinese flag and burned pictures of Daphthari, Chinese President Chey and American President Donald Trump, a huge murals depicting them.

Army and police were kept on high alert and officials announced the no-fly zone in place and remote areas to ensure safety.

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