Hema Das plays applause in the race of gold, but the real exam is still waiting

Hema Das plays applause in the race of gold, but the real exam is still waiting

Hema Das received the same attention, if not more, like this year’s Indian cricketers, because the runner won the gold medal in various competitions.

The floods of tweets and media reports focused on Indian sports have been updated and they are also positive for the game.

But these competitions should be kept in the context of importance or value or level of difficulty, when the objective is to help them in the preparation and progress of big events such as the World Athletics Championships and next year’s Olympics.

Hema, who won the Under-20 World Championship last year, won the fifth gold medal of the month on Saturday when she returned to the 400 meters race in the Czech Republic.

It was 52.09 seconds, it was the best weather for Lahima, which was ahead of last 52.88 seconds, which was recorded in Patiala earlier this year.

From the Indian Army to Bollywood stars to Prime Minister Narendra Moody, Hema’s feeding filled the water on Twitter, which was rated as “Golden Girl” in India and India’s next possible Olympic medal. But more than meets the eye.

Many people do not know that on Saturday the women’s 400 meter race was a race all over India, where all other athletes took more than 54 seconds to cross the finish line.

real picture

Equally important for celebrating achievements, it is equally important that not to lose perspective by falling into the social communication game.

The 19-year-old won 23.65 seconds, 23.97 in Poland, 23.43 in the Czech Republic and 200 meters in 23.25 seconds, winning four consecutive events.

Its 23.25 seconds, the best performance in four, was the world’s 128th fastest year round on July 22. Yes, I have read it right! 128!

Two years ago, the Under-17 Indian football team had overtaken the bottom of the Italian league, but the Indian media got headlines – “The 17-year-old Indian team defeated Italy.

The team India won did not have an under-17 team in Italy, but in fact Italy’s Lega Pro Under-17, Liga Pro and Liga Pro 2, a team of young players of clubs, third in Italian football and fourth.

Hema’s gold medal could be kept in Poland and the Czech Republic last month, where she was won in the competition, in the same category.

None of the 20 athletes competing with them in this period have any better character than Hema’s data last year.

road ahead

Hema’s immediate goal is to qualify for the World Championships, which is scheduled to take place in September, and there is a series of gold performances earlier this month for this competition.

Qualifying score is 400 meters, and Hema’s strength is 51.80 seconds (52.09 in Czech Republic).

The 19-year-old will have another chance to qualify for the top championship in Lucknow at the end of August.

In the meantime, 24-year-old Indian sprinter Mohammad Anas Yahiya finished 400 meters in 45.21 seconds to reach the world championship, which also established a new national record in the men’s section.

Hema still needs to qualify for the World Championship, and from there she is working hard to get a Tokyo Olympic ticket to get her status as one of the world’s best athletes.

In relation to Hema’s personal performance, her best career in the 200 m race is 23.10 seconds.

The best time to sleep according to the distance is 23.25. 200 m world championship qualifier 23.02 and championship number 21.63. The world record and Olympic record is 21.34, while the time of winning the Rio Olympics in 2016 was 21.78.

On the contrary, the 400 events are equally strong. He managed to get his best time in Nov. Mesto in the 52.09 second season, which is slower than his best personal time of the year, 50.79 (Asian Games).

The qualifying mark for the world championship is 51.80 and the mark is 47.64. At 49.44, Sh┼Źnai Millar won the gold medal in the competition at the Rio Olympics.

At the individual level, Hema is definitely promoting young athlete.

Then again, the athlete’s mind will get a better boost when he knows that the glow around the neck comes with the support of strong performance on the track or field and not because the competition was below the necessary level.

The 19-year-old Hema is at a critical juncture in her career. She was the World Junior Champion last year, and she will now have to make a big leap from age group to higher standards. This jump can only be achieved through regular exposure and molding.

The fact that he is marginalized by injuries during the best part of his season and has only started in the competition and trying to improve mid-season is a proof of serious mismanagement of our athletes through the governing system of the game.

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