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Punjab Single day’s rain ruins crops in 90,500 acres

Punjab Single day’s rain ruins crops in 90,500 acres

A large study of the Agriculture Ministry in the state has shown that on July 16, due to heavy rainfall and irrigation of water, 90,563 acres of crops in five districts of Punjab – mostly rice and cotton – were grown. Bathinda is the most affected area, where it carries 31.5% of the total loss

Rice, cotton, maize, basmati and vegetable crops in Pathindada spoiled and the owner, Patiala, Mukhtar and Sangurur opened it.

Pathinda was the worst hit (see box), respectively, in the Mukut and Sangrur districts, with 2,366 acres and 21,755 acres of crop damage, the second and third place.

A total of 58 villages in the Muktar region were severely damaged, where 15,000 acres of agricultural land was damaged. The mass of its ability recorded 8000 acres of damage.

In Sanjur, 2175 acres of land was damaged in 30 villages of six agricultural blocks with 16,000 acres in the affected egg block.

The provinces of Fazjar Sahib and Bettis registered crop losses in the area of ​​3,340 associations and 7,207 associations respectively.

In Fathajara, 100 villages had to suffer heavy rains and the maximum loss of crops was reported in Sirhan block area of ​​4,600 acres.

In Patiala, the rice and maize fields were affected by 6,461 acres and 1,156 acres respectively.

In Patiala, the worst damage to 126 affected villages is Hariri Bhunar (3000 acres).

In a total rice / basmati crop, more than 57,320 cotton cotton, 21,362 acres of cotton and 12,000 acres of vegetables, fodder and maize were destroyed in one day.

Experts said that the rain would not cause much damage because rice and maize were in the early stages and water was needed, but due to drainage, water logging was there. He also said that the proper discharge of water from the fields needs hour.

“Rice and cotton crop has rained on six acres of land which is still under 3 feet of water, where I get money to pay the land for Rs 3.60 per lakh (Rs 60,000 per acre) per year.

Hardeep Singh of Mian village of Pathinda block: “The government should do something to save the farmers.”

“We have to pay compensation according to MSP rice, which is Rs 1,815 per quintal, we got around 30 quintals of rice per acre.

Another farmer and leader of Indian farmer (Ugrahan) Jagarsir Singh said that even after heavy rain in one week, the situation of Behman Deewana and Devan villages in all areas of less than 3-4 meters was very poor.

He said that the Department of Sanitation did not clean the sewer in the Bathinda area due to lack of water.

Dyer village farmer Hakim Singh said, “Under heavy rain, I have washed my entire rice crop in five acres.”

Now I can not do anything because due to the end of the agricultural season nothing can be done due to saturation in the water.

Jagmohan Singh, general secretary of BKU University in Dakonda, said that whenever the government gets heavy rain every year, then finding a permanent solution to cut trees in the fields should be found.

He also said that all the banks of rural and urban areas should be cleaned well before the rainy season so that no suffocation or damage to the crop.

According to the survey, crops can be preserved in some areas, if there is not much rain in the coming days and arrangements can be made to discharge water from the fields, Formula Arani said.

According to the Chandigarh office of the Indian Meteorological Department, in Pathinda, Patiala, Mukhtar, Vatgarh, Sahogur and Sungur, already 213 percent, 70 percent, 68 percent, 36 percent, 36 percent, 36 percent and normal rainfall has been recorded. More and more rainy months are still ahead.

Violation of gypsy

At the same time, the collapse of the entire Roma river has not yet been repaired, in which the Monak region of Sanjur has 30 percent remaining.

In Pathinda and Mukta, the farmers provided notes to their deputy commissioners saying that the water has not been discharged from their fields and their crops have suffered a lot.

Personal secretary Karanbir Singh Sidhu visited Phuld village near Monak to review the ongoing works of Kharaj Dam in Garazar on Monday.

In an interview with the residents, Sidhu assured him that the Punjab government was worried about crop damage and stressed that once the water was flooded, a special crop loss survey would be launched and one for compensation The report will be sent to the government.

Bathinda was the most affected

It has been stated in the report of the Ministry of Agriculture that there has been a loss of 28,579 acres of crops in Bathinda, which includes 16,340 acres of cotton and 12,339 acres of rice.

Seven agricultural blocks faced crop damage in areas, in which Pathinda is at the top with 9,985 rain water, followed by Talwandi Sabo, where the crops were affected in 562 acres. The Natana block faced crop damage in the area of ​​3,700 acres.

Donald Trump, Imran Khan Discussed to Exit Afghanistan War

Donald Trump, Imran Khan Discussed to Exit Afghanistan War

With Khan at the beginning of the White House meeting, Trump said, “I think Pakistan will help us to overcome ourselves.”

Trump talked about the possibility of recovery of US $ 1.3 billion in American aid, which he cut last year, based on the outcome of the meeting, and offered to mediate the old dispute between Pakistan and India on the Kashmir region.

There is a complex relationship between the United States and Pakistan. Last year, Trump had complained to Twitter that the Pakistanis did not give us anything other than “lies and deceptions for terrorists” and “safe havens”. Pakistan has denied the allegations.

Trump said that on Monday he was against us, saying that the US relations with Pakistan had improved.

Khan told Trump that the peace agreement with the Taliban was closer than before.

Khan said at the Oval office meeting, “We hope that in the days to come, we will help the Taliban to speak to the Afghan government and reach a solution, a political solution.”

Trump wants to end US military intervention in Afghanistan and believe that Pakistan’s cooperation is important for any deal to end the war and ensure that the country will not be the basis for armed groups like Islamic State.

Washington wants Islamabad to put pressure on the Taliban in Afghanistan for a permanent ceasefire and participate in talks with the Afghan government.

Special envoy of the State Department Zalime Khalilzad will travel to Afghanistan and Qatar where he will resume talks with the Taliban from July 22 to August 1.

Pentagon said that Pakistani army commander General Qamar Javed Bajwa later met on Monday a senior US Army officer and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Danford.

Analysts believe that Baja will play an important role in discussions behind the curtain, with military discovery to persuade Washington to persuade Washington and support.

Prison doctor

In Pakistan, officials in Pakistan arrested last week’s alleged mastermind Hafiz Saeed of the terrorist attack on the Indian city of Mumbai, which was classified as a terrorist by the United States and United Nations. More than 160 people were killed in a four-day siege.

But Pakistan has not released Shakeel Afridi in prison, who is believed to have helped former President Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to hunt the CIA, whose organization was attacked on 11 September 2001 for attacking America.

The cause was due to US military intervention. Next month in Afghanistan. US Army killed bin Laden in Pakistan in 2011

Trump told the reporters that he would discuss Afridi along with Khan and other “hostages” along with Khan. Khan told Trump that he brought “good news” about two hostages, but did not tell what he meant when he was present.

Khan told Fox News that he would be willing to consider the release of Afridi instead of Pakistani neuroscientist Afia Siddiqui, who was convicted in 2010 for firing agents and soldiers, in 86 years in the United States. is. “Yes, we can negotiate on a kind of exchange,” he said.

India, who had approached Pakistan on the disputed Kashmir region for a war in February, who accuses Islamabad of supporting rebels, will closely monitor the talks in Washington.

India has consistently rejected foreign arbitration in its dispute with Pakistan about Kashmir in the past.

Trump said that he discussed Kashmir issue with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Moody, whom he had recently met in Osaka, Japan, last month in G20.

Trump said: “He really said,” Would you like to become a broker or moderator? “I said,” Where? “He said,” Kashmir, “because it lasted for many years.

“If you can help, then I would like to be an arbiter,” he said.

But Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said that Moody did not ask Trump to help in arbitration.

Can’t stop China in disputed seas, won’t risk clash

Can’t stop China in disputed seas, won’t risk clash

Philippine President Rodrigo Dattati said on Monday that there is no way to stop Chinese fishing in his country’s exclusive economic zone and he will not risk losing the Philippine troops in a clash in the disputed South China Sea.

“When Shi says” I’ll catch, “who can stop him?” Dutari, who defended his unrestrained attitude towards the regional conflicts of China, said in his nation’s annual address before a joint Congress session. He was referring to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“If Marines send out Chinese fishermen, then I assure you that none of them will return alive,” Dutter said, diplomatic negotiations with Beijing had allowed the return of Filipino to the disputed fishing field. , Where Chinese soldiers were previously annoyed. They are away

Critics repeatedly nurtured cordial relations with Beijing, not to face China’s aggressive behavior in disputed waters and to make their decision not to imitate the immediate compliance with China’s international arbitration that overturned Beijing’s historical claims.

Dutty has repeatedly criticized doing so. China refused to recognize the 2016 law.

It was also found in the judgment that China violated its duty in respect to the right to fishing Filipino when the Chinese soldiers had stopped Scarborough Shawl from North-Western Philippines in 2012.

However, the Philippines was unable to stop Chinese fishermen from Scarborough. Rule But the decision did not specify any traditional fishing area within the exclusive area of ​​the Philippines, where Chinese fishing can be allowed.

The Exclusive Economic Zone is two hundred nautical miles (370 km), where the coastal state has the exclusive right to exploit and exploit other resources based on the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Sea of ​​the Sea, as well as the offshore gas and oil.

In his fight against drugs and illegal corruption, Dotter asked the Congress to restore the death penalty for narcotics-related crimes and economic loot.

He said that the threat of drugs, which he called “social monster,” can not be crushed until the corruption is eliminated.

Regional differences of the Philippines have long been exposed in China’s Dirort Central campaign against illegal drugs and corruption in their speech.

But they demanded to delay the release of government permits for slow internet services and various traffic jams, to help the Congress in tackling many social diseases and governance issues.

After threatening to sack the officials, Duther explained the problems solved sometimes, through a strategy to scare, such as reducing water shortage in Manila in the capital last summer.

However, the annual discourse is traditionally full of protocols and formalities, but it includes sexual jokes, curses, and threats, which has been a trademark of their often contained speeches.

For example, during the water crisis in Manila, he said that he did not want to travel to the city. “What if my friend can not take a bath, will the smell of hell smell?” They said.

When the Congress was asked to approve new tax reforms, which would increase indirect taxes on tobacco and alcohol, Duretti asked whether there were any smokers in the presence.

The 74-year duo took over in June 2016 and were very popular in the opinion polls due to the international concern and other controversial policies during the drug war.

More allies won congressional seats in the mid-term elections in May, which gave them a tight hold on the legislature, especially in the 24-member Senate, who opposed some of the major legislative proposals last year, including the death penalty and amendment Were included. Supporter. Constitution of democracy

Despite the rain outside the house building for demand for the dismissal of Duterte, more than 5,200 demonstrators performed, while Duterte’s supporters protested separately.

Leftist protesters burnt the fake Chinese flag and burned pictures of Daphthari, Chinese President Chey and American President Donald Trump, a huge murals depicting them.

Army and police were kept on high alert and officials announced the no-fly zone in place and remote areas to ensure safety.

Will China intervene in Hong Kong protests

Will China intervene in Hong Kong protests

While China does not want to interfere in summer opposition, which shook Hong Kong, it does not mean that it will not do it. Movement, now in its seventh week, entered a more dangerous area on two fronts.

Distorted the central government’s official slogan and dump their buildings in Hong Kong with eggs. Needless to say, his work in Beijing was not welcomed.

On one hand, in an increase, an armed group with metal rods and wooden pillars beat anti-government protesters and others inside the Metro Station late on Sunday night.

45 people were injured in the attack, including one who is in serious condition. Beijing supporters have clashed with protesters earlier, but not on this scale.

Neither side wants the PLA to interfere, but rising anarchism and China who see their rights as a direct challenge, they take the risk.

A belligerent attack on protesters has increased the allegations of collusion between police and criminal gangs, although the Hong Kong Police Commissioner clearly blamed it and it was unclear who was behind it.

China has the possibility of international condemnation by any intervention and threatens the status of Hong Kong as the financial center governed by the rule of law.

This will compare the lethal military campaign of China with the pro-democracy protests of Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 1989, an event that the government wants to forget the world.

For China, this is not just an economic issue but it is also a political issue. A former British colony, Hong Kong was returned to China under the concept of “one country, two systems” in 1997, which provides a fair degree of autonomy on the city.

Residents of Hong Kong enjoy far more rights and independence than the Chinese mainland residents.

The success of the formula is important for China, who wants to use it to bring Taiwan’s autonomous island under its control.

Taiwanese President Tsai Eng-Wayne is already using unrest in Hong Kong to confirm that “one country, two systems” are not working, and that China’s military intervention has caused many Taiwanese concerns Will be confirmed.

China’s best result is the abolition of protests and the return of normal relative life, as happened in Hong Kong after the recent pro-democracy pro-demonstrations, student-led “umbrella movement” which lasted for more than two months in 2014 The roads were captured.

Many protesters in this summer are the legends of the umbrella movement, who were disappointed that they failed to bring protests.

At least, some have shown themselves reluctant to retreat at this time – but the question is how much they will pay, and to what extent Beijing will allow them.

One Chinese historian and political commentator Zhang Levan said, “The problem is that it is not entirely about the Central Government.”

“If extremists are called for freedom in Hong Kong, which exits the situation from control, then the central government will definitely intervene.”

This is not the most probable result, but with the clear way of continuous protests, it can proceed, with Beijing becoming more chaotic.

There are “Hong Kong Not China” in many messages sent by protesters to paint on the walls.

At one level, it is a statement that there is a more independent legal system in Hong Kong and more freedom than the mainland – “one” country, two “theory” system.

At another level, this increasing frustration of life as part of China is reflected not only politically but financially.

Many young people are blamed for the influx of sugar funds to increase property prices. Some protesters took the Hong Kong flag from the British colonial era in protests.

For China, the second loss of Hong Kong will be worse than the fall of “one country, two systems” model. In Beijing, the Beijing-backed government had banned a political party last year to call for the independence of the city of 7.4 million people.

Kevin Carico, a senior official of Chinese Studies, said, “The Communist Party of China wants that someone wants to go into chaos in Hong Kong, so that it is an excuse to intervene or mismanage means that such anarchy is indispensable.” “he said. In Monash University in Australia.

The ruling Communist Party estimates stability above all, an option taken by the decision to end Tiananmen’s demonstrations with force.

Since then, the stability that the party has brought in China is a mantra that supports the country’s growth to become the second largest economy in the world and brings millions of poverty out.

China’s stability has come at a price for the freedom of expression such as personal freedom.

Under current President Xi Jinping, the party sought to increase its control in Hong Kong, from religion to social media, to control the society.

American lawmakers support India’s stand on Kashmir, apologizes for a trump comment

American lawmakers support India's stand on Kashmir, apologizes for a trump comment

A senior member of the Democratic Congress on Tuesday apologized to US-Indian envoy for President Donald Trump’s “embarrassing” statements about Kashmir, while in many other cases, New Delhi’s stance against the role of any third party Appeared to support

Hours after Trump’s stunning claim, Prime Minister Narendra Moody demanded mediation or arbitration efforts to resolve the Kashmir issue, saying, “I apologize to Indian Ambassador Harsh Sherringla for a big and shameful mistake from Trump.”

India quickly rejected his claims.

In the last 70 years, India has consistently opposed a third party’s mediation proposal. For more than a decade, the United States has again confirmed that Kashmir is a bilateral issue.

Anyone who knows anything about foreign policy in South Asia knows that # India is constantly opposing third party mediation in Kashmir.

Everyone knows that PM Modi will not give such a suggestion, “Sherman tweeted, who has been closely following the developments of South Asia in the past few decades.

“Trump is a fictional amateur,” Sherman, who presides over the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Asia and Pacific and non-proliferation, said it was embarrassing.

Later in the evening, Deputy Secretary of State Alice Wells said in a sharp statement that Kashmir was a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan.

“Although Kashmir is a bilateral issue that is discussed by both parties, the Trump Administration welcomes Pakistan and India and the United States is ready to help.”

Elliott L., chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee Angle talked with Cherlingla after Trump’s comments.

A statement by the US House of Representatives said, “Angle repeated its support for the long-standing US position on the Kashmir dispute and expressed its support for talks between India and Pakistan, but repeated that the speed and scope Only by India and Pakistan can be determined. ” Committee of Matters

Angle said, Engel said that in order to be meaningful of talks, Pakistan must first take concrete and irreversible steps to eliminate the terrorist structure on its territory.

In a joint statement, Congressman George Holding and Congressman Brad Sherman, Congress Party of India and Co-Chairman of Indian Americans, Tensioned Kashmir was a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan.

“According to US policy decades, we believe that the dispute over Kashmir should be resolved bilaterally by India and Pakistan.”

In his joint statement, influential legislators said that the Republic of India is one of the closest and most important associates of America and we are ahead to work with Prime Minister Moody and Indian officials.

Terrorism and insurgency in the region In the first day, during a meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan at the Oval Office, Trump told reporters that the Prime Minister had requested mediation in the Kashmir issue and was ready.

In New Delhi, the Ministry of External Affairs rejected Trump’s claim that Moody had ever asked for mediation on Kashmir.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee, which is controlled by the Democrats, also released a fact sheet. The powerful Congress Committee said, “Indians say they did not ask Trump to mediate Kashmir.”

Merkel joined other international leaders who criticized Trump. The US president had indicated that the Congress members of the Democratic Party were “to go back and help to repair completely broken and damaged places.”

All Congress members are American citizens, and three of them were born in the United States.

Trump’s comments were criticized as “racist”, although they rejected the statement and said that their body was not “racial superiority”.

“As I said, I will end my political career in 2021, but I hope that life will continue even after that, and I hope that it will continue in a healthy way.”

Press Conference, with a blue background of the brand, is a traditional program started by former Chancellor Helmut Kohl from 1982 to 1998.

In August of 2015, Merkel prepared a set of provisions that would undoubtedly build their legacy. “We can (Wir Schaffen Das),” he said, Germany referring to achieving more than one million immigrants at the height of the refugee crisis.

“Proud” for iPhone der Lin

Merkel asked questions about Ursula von der Lin as the new president of the European Commission this week, saying that “the election is really good news for Europe” and was “proud” from the German viewpoint.

Merkel said that the claim of von der Leyan is avoided by uncertainty and conflict between European institutions, which would be important in the future in relation to suppressing issues such as breaksit.