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How The World’s Wealthiest Obtain ‘Golden Passports’

How The World’s Wealthiest Obtain 'Golden Passports'

The controversial “Golden Passport” scheme has emerged when a major London company has opened a “huge increase” in the demand for its services.

Locke Hester, managing director of Knightsbridge Capital Partners, told Forbes that his European passport program is increasing by 70% on year-to-year basis.

After the joining of Knightsbridge in an investigation of The Sunday Times and Channel Four, it has been found that the UK’s investment visa and European passport-mediated companies for foreign billionaires were claiming that they were governmental for their customers Check and avoid guarantees.

Knightsbridge currently sells passports from Cyprus, which will allow foreign investors and their families to travel without visa within 163 countries, to invest 2.2 million dollars (2 million euros) in local property or wealth.

The island has received 7.4 billion dollars (6.6 billion euros) from passport sales, but the plan has also attracted the wrath of the European Commission and Economic Cooperation and Development Organization (OECD).

According to Hexter, economic development and political instability in emerging markets produces demand for so-called gold passport investment programs.

“If you get a few billion, many of these customers will get citizenship in one country, living in other countries as a means of reducing the passport and elsewhere,” he says.

Nigeria is a prime example of a country where many people are very rich. But with political instability, they still love their country … and still need to develop an emergency plan.

“Nigeria is currently classified as one of the world’s most corrupt countries by the Transparency International Group, in which there are billions of oil fields looted by political and military elites.

Hexter said in a defensive tone that whether the Golden Passport Industry and his company helped criminals to avoid justice and hide their illegal profits.

Industry “can get a bit of humiliation because it supports people with dishonest high net worth,” the allegation is far from the truth as possible. ”

Knightsbridge Capital “will not touch a politically exposed person or any person” where he calls “, even a question that his money could have been illegally acquired.” “His client’s check (KYC) is” strict “and the proper labor of the European Union is” very strict. ”


However, for those fighting for global corruption, through the investment plans, this citizen is not as benign as the related London companies are worried.

Ben Coudock, senior researcher from Transparency International, challenges whether British and European money-laundering and basic information exams are effective in identifying corrupt business leaders and politicians.

The investigation of Sunday Times and Channel 4 has shown how in private sector professionals in London have acquired a so-called “Golden Visa” for a member of Colonel Gaddafi’s family of Libyan dictator, as well as Thailand, Egypt and Angola With suspicious applicants.

An immigration expert was dismissed as “easy” in the internal ministry of anti-corruption, claiming that the responsible officers only relied on the names of Gogling.

“Our research has often found that companies and professionals provide services to individuals inadvertently or deliberately at risk, allowing them to harm their money and reputation,” said Cudock Forbes.

They say that demand for citizenship is done because those who benefit from political relations in unstable countries often “need to avoid and enjoy the fire of their corruption when they find themselves unfit.”

He said that the British passport was still seen as a “trademark of public reliability”, warning that poor quality checks made for those using these schemes were “money laundering” apart from suspicious property Allow to invest, and appears to be more respectable and legitimate. It really is.

Moldova says no

At the end of last week, I saw one of the largest companies in the Golden Passport Sector, Henley & Partners, which was one of its plans, which allowed investors to get visa-free access across the Schengen Area throughout Europe. , Which was suspended by the Government of Moldova.

Moldova is one of Europe’s poorest countries and it is closed outside the European Union, but its citizens have the right to travel without a visa through and through the commercial block.

The former Communist State was stripped of citizenship and a passport for only $ 112,000 (100,000 euros) from investors, but its newly elected government decided to review the program.

Dr. Henley & Partners CEO George Stephen issued a statement saying that he “invested a lot of time and capital in Moldova” and still “believe that this investment will generate crores of capital over time for the Moldovan economy.

Too hard to work for a good death: Is competitive one thing to die

Too hard to work for a good death Is competitive one thing to die

We like to compete Americans. In March, we are betting on Madness Office competitions, which will win the College’s annual basketball championship.

We pay a penny for the largest flat screen in the best-layered garden or apartment in the neighborhood. Some of us will bribe to bring their children to the best colleges.

Now it seems that it is necessary to increase competition for whom the best death will happen.

As you know, the person in which we live, is painless but alert in the house, surrounded by our lovely families, and sings our favorite songs with all the comforts of the last moments of mortal life.

For many of us, the reality will be quite different. Although everyone has done their best, we can die in the hospital. Children may not be able to reach their homes in Los Angeles or Chicago on time.

Our pain-removing medicines can slow down our thinking. We have not solved all those family issues that have remained unexplained for decades.

More guilt

What is worry about this motivation for good death (or perhaps in our competitive world, the best death) is that many of us will never get it – often for reasons beyond our control.

This can leave our surviving loved ones with a feeling of guilt that they already have. Contradictably, those who care most, they can feel guilty and sad.

Failure to eliminate death can make death more difficult. A Palliative Care Doctor and Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto Andreas Loubasis shared this concern in the thought of good death in a wise article.

It also shows that it can add to the psychological burden of their doctors: “I am afraid that the health care practitioners who have given them the best care possible will be inadequate.”

Good Life

Equally worrisome: Excessive meditation on the last hours of life goes a long way in meditating months or even years.

Many older adults will die after surviving for a long time. This will be wonderful, because we focus on good death, if we also think of a good life, especially at a time when it may include a level of disability.

The perception of competitive death can be reversed in part because there is no real good death.

Or rather, there are millions of them For decades, doctors have failed to determine some agreed rules, and have largely failed. Researchers have no idea how many people actually died in any way with good death.

It has been found that doctors and living family members often have different ideas of good death compared to those who die.

For example, family members are more likely to say than to patients that it is important to maintain dignity at the end of life.

But this uncertainty does not slow us down. Google will get “good death” and you will get 1.97 million visits. Find Amazon, and you’ll find dozens of books.

Bloggers are blogging about their impending death or the death of their relatives. The literary review of 2016 turned into a review article of nearly thirty associates who formed “successful death”.

Sunset is best to watch

A reviewer of Amazon wrote that he had read 60 books in a good death to prepare for his death. I do not know whether he is living with an incurable illness or just thinking about the future.

But I can only think that if it is better to see the sunset or to go to the concert or not to eat dinner with friends, then it is better to do the death.

This tendency is not bad in any way. We are thinking and talking about the long-tempered subject in the United States.

But like parents who bribed college officials to bring their children to the best schools, we could probably go abroad. We can keep unrealistic and unrealistic expectations for ourselves and our family.

When we talk about talking about advanced guidance, choosing health care agents and talking to each other about death, we should be absolutely disappointed.

Especially talking But we also need to realize that sometimes situations mean that many of us will die on their own, or in some pain, or with unresolved family problems. All we can do is try our best. Nobody should preserve the result.

How a fat girl in france

How a fat girl in france

They say that French women do not get hurt. According to best sellers, their secret, in very few parts is the innate ability to consume the world’s wonderful food items.

I, however, become fat Scratched it: I’m fat. My stomach is out and my arms are shaking and often in pictures, I have a dual chin on my neck. I’m 5 feet 4 inches tall and weigh about 200 pounds, which makes me eligible for obesity, clinically.

I like the word “fleshy”, though it is better than “obesity” This is probably because I want to go to the frontline before I get some gentle, or perhaps because I sometimes get shocked.

In college, my favorite clothes included black trousers, a black shirt, heavy leather shoes and a dog collar which I bought at the local store supply shop.

In a poem writing, a fellow traveler goes to the villain, I have a painful painful crush, he once noticed the band and asked what kind of music I like. My taste was more common with the suggestion of my clothes, but I understood it because I was always very bad to forge it.

When I describe myself as obese, my husband objects, although there is no way to fail to notice the bumper middle section.

When he tells me that I am not fat, it means that I am not stupid or lazy, ugly or unpopular because the meaning of this word is in American English conventions.

There is an inherent social law in the United States that states that fatty tissue in a certain amount is a moral failure. There is such a lack in argument or sympathy that it produces something infallible within me. I’m embarrassed by being fat.

A few years ago, before going on a four-week trip to France, I decided to buy some new clothes. Shopping has been a disgusting experience for me for a long time.

The language of fashion that I have always felt, there are some rules in the syntax I do not easily follow. My body is a speech obstruction, stuttering wrapped fat. In the United States, at least I know the general principles of the rules of wearing clothes.

I grew up with them, or maybe I should call them out, and they should see them deception.

With the preparation of France, I had a double flaw of huge form and full ignorance. I did not know the French rules, nor did they have to translate them into words I understand. Je née pas compresses.

My goal was to get a look that could be called “French”. I take this opportunity to get rid of my usual wardrobe of tight jeans, shirts and hats, and replace them with something more elegant and deliberate.

There was a fascinating freedom to start from scratch. Perhaps, without the specific knowledge of all those methods, in which I should have been suffering through the failure of fashion, I got some sort of freedom in style.

Buying clothes for France would be an opportunity to learn the rules of fashion in the same way as I used to combine language with daily lessons on my phone: stop, but with increasing confidence.

I told myself that I did not get anything or worse than that.

So if I live in an apartment in Britney a month, like a local person, I buy coffee, exercise and sneeze, I do not want my presence to search my American roots.

Neutral colors, tailored jackets and scarves have been shown prominently in the recommendations.

Accessories should be elegant, hair and hair color if any. Do not spend to see yourself as you have worked hard (advice encourages me every time). First of all, my research has confirmed that all the clothes should be beautifully fit and fit.

After this there was no possibility of final decree.

Most textile workers in the world do not do much to absorb obesity among us. Many people claim that this is not a bias, our good name is not afraid of polluting our oil.

Instead, they argue about offspring, claiming that when DD bust or waist balloons exceed 34 inches, then an amorphous mess with a woman’s size measurement, which is calculated in the normal ratio Can not be done.

The only proper approach for such women, designers think that is reduced, is inconsolable in incandescent prints, or is simply obscuring us in the folds of the fabric, such as the goal is to create a lot of confusion about the clothes and what The meat is being given the actual shape of the exquisite body.

So my wardrobe efforts were always tough. The condition of near-insanity which quickly came to him, was not expected.

Every night for hours, I clicked Messi, Nordstrom, Ann Taylor, and I came back to him every time and I got an email that I can sell it at one of these stores – 30%, 40%, 50% concession.

I Reported My Rapist, My Father Failed Me

I Reported My Rapist, My Father Failed Me

First of all, I asked my mother. The anniversary of the rape was the hoodbud: I was clearly recalled this incident, but I had to face the exact history and name of the occupant and even his face. My mind tried to free me by sticking his eyes, nose and mouth, but without this information, Azmi looked useless.

My elder brother told me your name.

I found her face in the high school football program for my younger brother. But my mother did not remember the history.
You need this date, so we called you.

When I returned home, I sat with my back against the kitchen wall, stained with tears, digging my nails in my bare knees.

My mother was sitting behind the couch, and two far-sighted eyes twisted the crowd over us. His first instinct was to greet you in the kitchen, and to leave me alone.

But when his eyes met me, something remained inside and continued to sit. With our decision to stay with me and you have done hours ago, we attacked our peace, our peace.

I knew what you were saying. Sometimes, I think we are alike. Over the years, he saw me as if I was a mirror, which shows the resentment within you. You refuse to recognize the resentment that you used to criticize your family.

On that day, the day I reported my rape, I entered the living room and looked at me and said, “The night you told me, I told you to report it, Miranda.”

I knew what you were saying, but the cold blow was still wrapped on my chest and slipped through my throat, making breathing very difficult. To speak.

I knew you would lie, but one piece of mine – the girl who was still a child, who still had the courage to make unconditional love with her father – was hoping she would not do it.
I did not face falsehood.

My silence and I remained silent until you continued, and my heart drowned so much that only black void filled the nausea between my lungs.

“Now they will call your brother and there is still a child, Miranda,” you continue. They had brewed children in my house. They can accuse him, and send the donkey to jail. ”
Fold my sour mouth.

I wanted to tell you that it was not about my older brother. It was not about you or my mother or the man who crawls in my bed and who did not have it, he used to take it. It was about me. It has always been about me.

Instead, I used to see the graduated photo trio on the other side of the room.

When my brother was 17 years old, despite our painful childhood, life was full of bright and possibilities. When I answered him, he looked like a child, and he hated every word that he had said.

“They will not call her father, she is not interested in what she did, it is about her – she is about her and what she has done for me.”

“Yes, but it could have been years ago, Mija. That idiot could have had to live in jail! Now we have to worry about your brother too.”

I wanted to remind you that after the rape, she grew up on the sofa in the living room. It will take hours for sleeping in the late night of the fresh prince or George Lopez to sit in bed. I will only wake up in the afternoon after one or two.

You did not worry then.

I wanted to remind you that in early December, he forced me to return to my room, where a man raped me. You and my mother never thought of getting rid of mattress or bed frame. And because you did not, I did not.

I stayed with this bed for another five years. And you do not care.

He grew up with the dangerous illumination of darkness. When I told you, I blamed and said that you were at home. Nothing will happen to me. Once, I woke up and lit the lights.
After that, I closed my door.

But instead of explaining what I wanted, I did not say anything. Tighten my jaw, seal my lips, and beat my temples. I saw that you walk towards your bedroom in the hall, your back straight and your head high.

Instead, because you did not make me happy because my child in my childhood cried for that love I had never written.

I wrote to heal. I wrote to calm those mistakes which were against me – by my oppressors and by you But I did not write to blame or erase my efforts to mislead your paternity. I wrote because I had all this.

There is a huge difference in the distance between the father and daughter to jump. Every time I tried it, he left me and broke and became bare.

I will not forget that will not change. Therefore my words should be enough alone.

In the years after my rape, when we lost our temper and pride, I cried and said that if I saw my tyrant, then I would kill him. I have done what my brother can not do.

But the revenge is hollow and does not make anyone happy. Revenge can not embrace me and can not accept me. Change makes for you. It was never about you Maybe it was not about me too.

How to Give why Away a House

How to Give why Away a House

First, never remember the house at its peak. Skip-Bo raises the spells of victory or loss. Front door sticks in cast iron frying pan and sticks to the exhaust, onion and green chillies, and the soft odor of butter pie which is still flowing through the hot oven.

Remember that the level of the garden is full of small explosions of Marigold. It can be a fountain at a time. There was a patio, day-covered vineyards and voracious plants, and a deep pond full of cold water.

Whether it is a fish or not. You can not remember. Grass grass was widely cut, except that the bush was blooming.

Remember a long day when you are young, sweep dirt and stacking blocks, and work hard to get everything for innovation.

The faces of your cousins ​​used to shine briefly through the stone courtyard: Slim picking blocks and put them aside, the upper and blue eyes and straw hair on the organ and lounge chairs burned by the sun show sun.

In your memories, the walls of the garage are still present, inside the garage, the equipment and boxes have been neatly labeled and are away, the floor was clearly flowing.

In the previous steps there was a railing that could catch hold of it, and the line of laundry was hanging safely between two trees. Beyond the cat food behind the house, the washing machine was putting on your clothes the day.

Once you have completed your memories, once you work, keep them behind your back. If you want to get rid of this house then there is a lot to do.

Then, create a quick mental list of all rooms and a list of everything you have to do. kitchen. Living room with piano at one end.

The entrance is surrounded by pictures and a compact cabinet where the grandmother kept the papers. 2 bathrooms. one bathroom. Two bedrooms – one filled with darkness and with another light – and three rooms.

He almost forgot the front porch because nobody had used it before, but then at night remember that my father was standing on the board under the dark sky, pointing to North Star, small diver belt and Orion, Caspia and Scorpio took their breath in the universe. – As long as a spider revolves around the eye level and sends you to the house.

Take those things that you want to keep out of the house: Mortar and pestle were used to crush Mexican spices. Mini hot plates made of cast iron in complex local patterns In Albuquerque, the choli was bought with sun made of colored enamel.

Capture and store your photos in digital formats, and then throw out decorative albums and curved metal frames. (They will not fit in your bag.)

Forget the file folders of letters, graphics and envelopes with the handwriting of the children in the tag. They stayed in the closet under all the clothes.

Do not touch a gray fruit of his sport pants and loom shirt, which he always wore under the left shoulder Chew with Old Spice and do not smell the smell of deodorant tobacco.

After that, contact the attorney and make sure you are actually home. Tell him that you want to give him to the lady whom you barely know, the person who lived with my father at home when he died.

It is important to keep in mind that you do not know it well, the person whom you give it home.

Ask the lawyer how much it will cost. See the value of the surrounding property, then reduce it to $ 10,000. You are stuck on the fact that money is spent by giving property. Remember the number of rooms and how weak the water pressure is.

Think about how the son of this woman pokes on the wall in the living room. Send it by e-mail and ask if you will pay the attorney’s fees.

Search for details of the official property online and mail it to the lawyer. Return the signed and documented lawyer’s papers.

Let it pass a few months. Think about home. Forget about the house for a few more weeks. Let’s have Christmas Then I remembered the house

Call the attorney and see whether the woman paid the fees or not. The lawyer was surprised to say no.

The woman mentioned what she had promised. Threatens to give someone else home. You feel comfortable after a few days when the lawyer sends you a copy of the money order.

I wonder if this is it. I know this is it.

The last thing you do outside the house Of course you are already physically too far away. It’s time to emotionally give up now. let him go. Do not get angry when a woman decorates you on Facebook. Do not think about graphics, letters and envelopes left in the cupboard.

Do not try to dig the pictures of cousins ​​in the yard – they are not present. Your cousins, your grandmother, your father and your house are all types of life.

Now think clearly: your grandmother is not. You are not your father This is not a house where they will ever return. In fact, they will never return.