Yujwendra Chahal’s fascinating journey, full of twists and turns

Yujwendra Chahal's fascinating journey, full of twists and turns

Yozfindra Shahl was crying in a hotel room in Zimbabwe. It was in June 2016. She just started seeing, picked up a last written piece and was browsing YouTube when she got a TV interview with her parents.

Surprisingly, he saw his parents crying – tears of joy that his son was playing for India. His mother, Savita, got up at 4 o’clock and when we used to sit in the temple in a small temple in his balcony, he prayed for his son.

When the game started in the evening, I was very worried because his son was not around. Return to the temple In the end, the moment of the release of medicine came at the tenth and in the father’s mind was retreating from the previous years.

Krishna Kumar Shahal was the youngest of three children worried about his son. The common fears of small town for a middle class family are mixed with the fear that his son may be affected by bad elements in the neighborhood.

This word has been lost in the translation for some melon colors change.

But it is enough to say that he was worried that the company of the Belgaum children in the neighborhood could become obstacles in his son’s life.

KK Chahal is an advocate who is working in Magistrates’ Court, about one and a half hours from Rohtak, a small district of Jind in Haryana. In matters of marital affairs, forgery and fraud on bank loans – the world that was dealing with those small crimes, was more worried about their son.

“These boys are the ones who abuse their mothers and I did not want my son to be affected.” He first changed the school to DAV, then reached the idea of ​​presenting the game of chess as a practice to build his son.

The family of five lived in a room, due to the father’s stubbornness and principles. “I was a different man, I was married in accordance with my family’s wishes, but I did not want to take dowry or any money from anyone, so that the family got some misunderstanding and went inside.”

My grandfather was a man in the army. And in his brother-in-law as a dean, the emotional screams of war can be shown to resolve the differences with Shah’s Pakistan. More later, for chess back.

A chessboard was bought and the father knew the game for his son. “Hope to be interested, and believe, and will not spend hours on the streets with these friends.

“Whom did you love to defeat sin?” But in a few months the father started losing the real. The son had been addicted to drugs and life began to rotate.

Since this is not the story of chess player Yujwendra, we need to move forward for that moment, which ended for him.

That day came after representing India in chess tournament. The days were good but the nights were not there. 64 classes of nightmares. In his sleep, Yugavendra found himself stuck in the fuzzy game board and sweat in the tricks.

“I could not ignore it,” says Yozfindra. “It was always going on in my head, all the hours I was playing and thinking was affecting me.” When the nightlife became black and white.

The father laughed smiling, saying: “I used to play chess only for myself, I always knew and knew that there would be a time when he would have told me to walk in.

Eventually, I named him the cricketer Yazofinder Singh Gave me seven catches in a Test match, I changed the name a bit, but it was a cricket player, that’s why. “And that’s why life changed again.

He stayed for several months With the help of chess guild Himanshu Sharma in Rohtak, he travels alone all over the country (sometimes his father was resting from work and traveling with him – a three month journey in south India is in his memory ).

Have you seen the ball received by Peter Handscomb lbw in Australia? Calm your dead lbw in front of the middle trunk. This flow is normal for me.

Especially with the new ball. But I pushed that particular ball a little further, I modified it, though the seam was still normal and got it. ”

Then there is a front scroll bar that runs for a little camouflage – instead he can use a similar grip to spin the ball to run a bit on odd occasions so that the integrity of the rack can be maintained.

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